Far more than death itself, she feared the death of mystery. Advertisements

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Turning Point

This is my favorite time of night, when the coyotes begin to hunt. I wish you could hear them, gray-voiced beneath a half-lit moon. There are places where humans have ripped scars in the earth, down to the crust, trees broken and cliff-bands shattered and water turned to acrid muck. I dream of rotting buildings, […]

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I’m starting fresh today I thank you for everything you’ve taken away Your motives be damned, your cleaning my hands of reminders of yesterday.

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Poetry + rock climbing

I mentioned to my friend Ben that I’d once recited Longfellow’s Wreck of the Hesperus while soloing the First Flatiron and recorded it by using an iPhone strapped ghetto go-pro style to my head . . . Well, when he came to visit last week and we climbed the First together, he brought along his […]

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In the Desert

Originally posted on *novapops | stay imperfect*:
In The Desert from Just Rite Media on Vimeo. The desert air refreshes as it sweeps away the dust of other realities, scrubs you clean with its exfoliating sands. When you’re howling with the wind, singing and laughing, the sands come whistling in to clean you from the inside,…

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Never Jealous: Part 7

“There is this little pine tree by my father’s house. It grows on a crumbling hillside, just grasses all around. The earth beneath it is red and sandy, and full of the most beautiful rocks. All colors of quartz, from white to blood red, shot through with mica, smoothed by old oceans. Every time I […]

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Never Jealous: Part 6

Oh, this darkness just creeps on and on. It sticks to everything, tarry, obstinate. And then there’s the quiet. Aren’t cities supposed to have lights and sirens, and general buzzing that assures one that they are not the only one awake at 3:30 a.m.? Vista spun circles on her office chair and wondered why she’d […]

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Never Jealous: Part 5

He’s not sure which way to turn. The road is stretching out so flat, and the desert looks the same north as south. East as west. Back as forward. His fingers toy the wheel, Y-intersection ahead closing closer, wondering if straight is an alright solution to this. Sand burn desert dust cloud time he cranks […]

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